Do you prefer terracotta or fir green?

Two amazing colours clash this winter. Terracotta vs flamboyant green. First of all, towards the orange that is a mix between biscuit, camel, or even ochre.Indeed, terracotta is a bright colour but also warm and enveloping, perfect for bringing vitamins to next winter. Second, surprising tonality, a deep, almost fir green, is now worn as a complete look.A new elegance, green, which is a vibrant colour, reminding us of nature as well, a feeling of wellbeing, a way of putting new tones in one’s winter wardrobe.With interviews:Wes Gordon, artistic director of Carolina Herrera:I love colour and my starting point for this season was to sit down and really create a palette of the most beautiful shades. An orange that packs a punch and is very vibrant but that you can still wear.Tuomas Merikoski, designer and founder of Aalto:Especially the colour green, which is very strong but very elegant. Really light but with elegance and volume.Music free to take: Mine All Mine by Katrina Stone (AamityMae) Artlist

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