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Society Room: An out of the ordinary suit brand!

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More than just a fashion brand, society room is an unusual place nestled in the heart of the 8th arrondissement just steps away from the madeleine, within a courtyard where different universes deliberately mix including fashion, design and art created by two partners united by the same passion.a location dedicated to all creations for a unique shopping experience and a new approach to consumption.it’s a fashion brand that plays with masculine and feminine with a collection composed of basics.interview with fabrice pinchart-deny:the idea was to create a suit brand for our friends and our friend’s friends who are french or parisian, who no longer care about brands but who want good clothes at a fair price.the brand is linked completely to the location that is a reinterpretation of a parisian salon from the start of the 20th century, and the idea to mix all the creative universes whether it be design, art or table art and of course clothes.today, clients need to have a reason or excuse to invite people over whether it be for aperitifs, lunch or a particular event to make them live something that could appear exclusive or privileged.interview with yvan benbanaste:there are 2 schools that fascinate me, the savile row academy with the culture of cuts and very rigid materials, and the italian culture that is the complete opposite, where we research elegance but through comfort.the idea was to create a silhouette that is inked, recognisable and timeless, so that’s why we design collections, there are 35 percent of new things in our collection, we integrate new elements and we give time for the product to live, to settle in and to please people. the message that we try to pass on to people is, no, to wear a suit does not mean to be restricted, it can be something very comfortable.the collection that we have developed for women is practically the men’s models with men’s materials but revisited for ladies. the idea was not to make women like men; it was nice that we had women’s models that men wanted to order. this means we have succeeded.