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Leather takes over this summer: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

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Leather is omnipresent this summer. worshiped by all designers, it is the material that will make you irresistible. it stands out well in all possible shapes and styles!the most stylish piece of all: the coat dress, zipped and belted, it highlights feminine curves, worn with nothing underneath for more sensuality.another revisited basic is the suit trouser. this leather version adds character to a silhouette.it’s available in all colours, from the most classical to the most unexpected tones, from bright to pastel colours in patent or in matt.treated in the same way as fabric, it is draped, pleated and gathered for increased femininity.leather takes on different aspects. for a lighter look it is perforated, imitating the caning pattern.on the contrary, it can become protective, rigid and sculptural.it gives off a rock appearance in black.it is adorned with patterns, graphics and flowers for increased fantasy.another big trend this summer, it is cut into long and short strips for a very precise folk and bohemian look.