Transforming fashion: Kintsughi and the reparation of clothes with golden thread

Starting with a Japanese concept on the art of repairing objects, two young people decided to reinterpret this idea and apply it to clothes. A first collection of high quality jumpers, repaired with golden thread and released with Emmaus Alternatif and an atelier women of integration learning to embroider. An astonishing outcome and a new way of apprehending worn or damaged clothes.Interview from Anton Voyl:Our idea came from Japan, and from the start the idea was taken from ‘Kintsughi’ or ‘kintsukuroi’, it’s the Japanese art of repairing objects so we decided to create this brand with the aim of not producing clothes but repairing clothes. For the repairing, we did some research, that took us a year to find a manufacturer who produces golden thread, thread which contains real gold, and to find as well, people who can work this material because it’s not a thread that you can put into a machine, and it’s a material that normally we’d use only for haute couture. Our star sweater, is this one here, which required 18 metres of thread, so we had to perform several reparations. The first collection that we did, that we released, was a collection between Kintsughi and Emmaus Alternatif and it’s people who are in difficulty or who were in difficulty, and who want to have a job and they learnt a job here with a professional embroider or someone who teaches them weaving and couture and all the jumpers and cardigans were made by these women. Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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