Roberto Cavalli fashion show - MENSWEAR Collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 Milan

First menswear collection by Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli. A collection featuring casual and sophisticated dandy, yet also rock star and bohemian allure.Designer: Peter Dundas, artistic director of Roberto CavalliLocation: Palazzo Crespi , Corso VeneziaAllure: Inspiration from the 60s and 70s and from rock stars like Gainsbourg to Bowie through to Keith Richard and Mick Jagger.Silhouette: Long and slim. Flared trousers, jeans and tailored jackets embroidered with flowers and sequins.Look: Long scarf which hangs at the ankle or a thin scarf, embroidered and worn around the neck.Colours and materials: Warm and comforting (tweed, silk, fur patchwork, reptile skin).Key pieces: Printed pyjama ensemble, fur coat, patchwork jacket…Please note: Men and women walk in perfect harmony…Interview :Peter Dundas : Frankly, I tried to have fun and change it up, a reason why it’s beautiful house with a man I find so unique and like a lot.I tried to be honest and instinctive with what I was doing, creating what I wanted to wear and what I wanted to see my friends wearing too and not really anything else. I love working with my favourite colours, my favourite cuts, my favourite types of clothes, embroidery, leather, a bit of fur too.I come from this school where a collection always starts with a jacket. I wonder how I want the jacket to look this time, a little more elongated with smaller shoulders, matching the vibe at the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s, which is the starting point of my inspiration. It’s fundamental. After that I can build everything around it.Something a bit clear, a bit easy. As I was making things very very diverse, I counterbalanced it with something more casual, so it’s not taken too seriously. Music of the show

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