Top Fashion 2015: 5 Striking Statements from Designers in 2015!

At the fashion shows the designers reveal their emotions, their joys, their questions. They engage in their reflexions, their interrogations, their passions and share them with the journalists. Here’s a selection of the most remarkable declarations in 2015. Interviews from: Roberto Cavalli, Renzo Rosso, Alber Elbaz, Christopher Bailey & Pierre BergéRoberto Cavalli:I put no boundaries on the pieces revealed today, because no boundary means no language barriers, no religious boundaries, and I think in the past weeks everyone was French so I was proud to speak French. Renzo Rosso:Every single day I work with passion and I enjoy it. I think that this is the big difference between our group and maybe other companies because for example I went to the Margiela show last Monday in London and people came up to me and said that it was unbelievable to see how we still really focus on the beauty of the product and I think this is why we are where we are. Alber Elbaz:Do we have to provoke to exist or do we can be normal? Is it normal to photograph well? Is the normal the new decadent? Is fashion more for a photo or a reality? These are questions we ask ourselves, I think, and every designer in the world today asks and we don’t have all the answers.Christopher Bailey:Last night we launched the collection on snap chat and we wanted that to be easy and relaxed, we just did it in the studio with a phone and then today it had to be a show we invited people from all over the world to come to see a show and so we wanted it to be music and emotion and lights and fashion. I am a huge believer in e commerce and shopping on line but I also believe in retail and hard shops. Pierre Bergé:What is fashion made for? I stopped asking myself the question, but what I know is when there has been a masterful bold and contemporary collection, unlike some couturiers, I won’t mention any names, that get inspiration from their grandmothers’ wardrobes, if not their great grandmother’s. I don’t know what he brings to Saint Laurent but I know what he brings to the whole of fashion, everything is unfashionable next to him.Music free of right/ Bandit & Nikit 2015

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