Roberto Cavalli - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

In the mood for love...For a Chinese Girl...Roberto Cavalli perfumes his collection with oriental fragrances, especially with the floral print which is reinvented as a leitmotif with several details like the gold buttons in the shape of a pagoda. Again we find the codes close to the heart of the designer, with animal prints and a number of beaded and sequin embroideries. The silhouette is contemporary, accentuated by the heeled boots in Plexiglass. The dresses are long and pleated, with exposed waists and a great sensuality which float on the body. Short and long follow one another in a frantic rhythm. The saffron colour floods the catwalk with radiance. There is lots of delicacy through the frilled chiffon blouses. The raw denim also makes its appearance with a straight, split skirt adorned with golden buttons. Also to note the silk fringing which pass by on a long coat, creating the illusion of a new fur. The designer stays evasive on the future projects of the eponymous label. He expresses a wish however: that we will still be talking about Roberto Cavalli for a long time!Interview: Roberto Cavalli: The Cavalli silhouette shows curves under a very long coat, in a way that when you walk you can show your wonderful legs, in high shoes, I hope that a few seconds of the show the girl is enough just to understand the details of my collection because you know I love the artisanats that are around me in every collection. I got the idea from the print in old Chinese inspiration, from the old kimono in some parts, but I used this kind of design for an occidental shape. Music from the show

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