Roberto Cavalli - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Milan (with itw)

In Milan, Roberto Cavalli turns up the heat! A burning circular catwalk welcomes guests to the show before the models take over. Rigid ensembles of super-skinny grey or white python trouser suits and a military-style trench coat make way for a series of dresses with fringed hems, embroidered in jet black with pearls and sequins, recreating a graphic, art deco look. Next, flame patterns invade this evening wardrobe, printed on trouser suits and muslin dresses.These flames even establish themselves on a longhaired fur jacket. Fire symbolizes passion, but also the desire to embellish the Roberto Cavalli woman, perfectly captured by the designer. For instance, Charleston dresses bring sophisticated sex-appeal, emphasizing the expert stitching of the ateliers and a true ‘Made in Italy’ feel that the Florentine designer extols backstage. Roberto Cavalli sets Milan ablaze, both metaphorically and in reality!Interview:Roberto Cavalli:It is all about fire because when I started collection, I wanted to create a show that completely revolved around fire that was completely red and strong. Fire is one of the things that gave me ideas. But afterwards I told myself that it was too obvious and so that is why I changed it and I injected it with passion. Fire is warmth and it is passionate. I wanted to give this passion solely to eveningwear.I really like all the details in this collection especially because there are so many possibilities and in my factory, I can do exactly what I like. Creating a dress is an invention and it gives clothing the label of ‘Made in Italy’. The sexy side of the collection relates to the love I have for women and for fashion. On all of these intricate details, I must always be thinking about what a woman wants to be; she wants to be sexy and special.That is what I am loved by women and by people who understood the philosophy of fashion.Music from the fashion show

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