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Portrait of Inès de la Fressange, Ambassador at Roger Vivier: If you were...

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Inès de la fressange is one of the most appreciated french personalities in the world. designer and muse at l’oréal, she is also the ambassador for roger vivier’s shoe range and re-launches this year a prêt-à-porter collection for her self-titled brand. nicknamed as the ultimate chic parisian; she has even published a book with her favourite addresses in the french capital. today, she incarcerates a lavish, beautiful and happy woman, perfectly as ease at being 56 years old. interview: inès de la fressange: if you were: so, if i were a colour, it would be marine blue because marine blue is a lot happier than black at the end of the day. it makes everybody always very, very beautiful and it reminds me a little bit of childhood with school uniforms and then it reminds me of the sea at the same time and it’s a little bit mysterious. i like sandalwood a lot, it’s a woody smell by definition but it’s wood that rubs with a flower and so it’s just that ambiguity that interests me. so, if i were an accessory, i would love to be a pair of sophisticated shoes and it’s not at all because i am employed by roger vivier, i’m somebody who is free and not at all corporate, as we call it. but a pair of sophisticated shoes are marvellous because you can go anywhere in the world when you have a pair of pretty shoes. clothes can be found everywhere and if there aren’t any shops, you can always borrow a white shirt from a boyfriend, and cinch it with a belt or put a sarong on. so, well, i think that you shouldn’t attach yourself to objects; i think that it isn’t important, even though i have dedicated my life to adding value to objects, but what is essential, even so are beautiful pumps. if i were a hobby i would love to be idleness. idleness has a bad reputation, people critic it, it’s a bit of laziness, and it’s seen badly a bit: oh, what are you doing? i’m doing nothing. it’s seen badly. but, it is important: it’s essential for balance. so, if i were a place i would like to be tarascon because tarascon is already a funny word, and then when you say tarascon, it makes you smile, for example: dusseldorf, nobody laughs. and where are you going? to tarascon! to tarascon! that puts you straight away in a good mood. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012