Roberto Cavalli- Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

Roberto Cavalli sets the stage for his latest summer collection in a sublime private palace in the center of Milan, in total harmony with the medieval knives that inspired it and that sit alongside the clothes. Treated as a jacket, leather gives relief and lightness. Essential elements of the wardrobe, suits and tuxedos adorned with embroidery, give the most beautiful effect. The printed kaleidoscope, already present in the winter collection, rediscovers a certain freshness on silk shirts. The photographs of John Rankin transcribe the desired atmosphere and adorn the walls of the patio that no one would ever want to leave.

Music from fashion show

Daniele Cavalli : This is a very elegant collection and I always like to express this elegance and I always like to take this concept, like the teleidoscope that is now part of the roots of my work and it’s new and graphic season by season to add something to the traditional way to make the model. I like the traditional way to work but many times I consider classic things, I like to mix it and to always have this feeling of something more.

Leather is a part of the roots of the maison, it may be one of the most fun and also special ways to work in the sense that there are many techniques to apply and to create something, some pieces become more jewels than clothes.

I consider Cavalli Man a gentleman and every gentleman has a wonderful collection not only of life but of tuxedos or suits, special suits in Cavalli’s case.

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