Diesel Black Gold Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

First collection for Andreas Melbostad, who has managed to successfully launch into the world of Diesel Black Gold, the label dear to its founder Renzo Rosso. The woman is both dark and mysterious, while keeping her fun rock'n'roll side. The designer evokes speed, a road and a petrol station. Leather and cotton are patinated, denim is worked to the point of not being able to recognize it or it being confused with leather. The silhouette is slim but structured, moreover there are several tailored jackets and even a white shirt. Of course the biker jacket is present and even becomes a dress. Studs make a comeback but never take over the outfit completely. A strong collection, perfect for a fresh start.

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Andreas Melbostad : For me it's important to give the clothes an empowerment that empowers a woman that wears one and part of doing that was really about the silhouette of the clothes, the cut, the sort of shape of it, and the engineering of it, so that was really important and then the materials to bring all of these iconic references that for me is very Diesel and is very close to my heart, and sort of bring them together and create these sort of hybrid pieces between a denim piece, between a leather piece, the tailoring.

For me the tailoring and the structure of the piece is very important because I think when you play with all these iconic references, it's a way to kind of elevate them and give them a new life and a new identity. So the idea of tailoring runs through the whole collection.

Renzo Rosso : I cannot imagine that I finally have someone on board that really reflects my mentality and develops the spirit of the line in a fantastic way.

My dream is to represent a group called OTB, a group of a modern brand but this brand must be the real alternative to luxury and so now with the Black Gold we've started to hire much more compared with before and I think we are the real contemporary for the casual market.

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