Chloé - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

This season, Clare Waight Keller for the Parisian house of Chloe delivers a more personal collection with more of a British touch than usual, yet dotted with feminine details like the use of plumetis and gold fishnet mesh covering certain silhouettes.
The white shirt with a Peter Pan collar appears throughout the collection, instilling a student feel to the girls wearing big rings on fingers and little ear clips. We also find basic pieces that are brought up to date, like the duffle coats with big zips, cape trench coats, short corolla skirts and sleeveless coats. Dresses with ruffles and straps close the Chloé show for a more assertive femininity.

Music from fashion show

Clare Waight Keller : It's a bit more British, maybe it's a bit more personal. Really, my inspiration came more from my experiences when I was young, and the references you found were more about the spirit and the energy and the attitude of the girl, so I really looked at the girls that I knew when I was growing up, and you're trying to create your independence, your own personal style, you want to be a bit more tougher, and so it's about things like : pulling up your skirt really high so it's more sexy, putting on a little ear clip and rings because it's tougher, having things with more hardware because it gives you attitude, that was really what the spirit was about.

That's a very Chloé thing, if it was all really sharp, it wouldn't feel Chloé and I think that's part of it, it's that contrast between the sharp and straightness of things, but then the softness of how it's all detailed and so that's really about where I went this season.

The plumeti was really about having this crazy, mad explosion, like you'd just cut up your dress and went out and put on a blazer, and I think it's an attitude and you have to have an attitude to wear that and I think that's the kind of girl that the Chloé girl is.

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