John Rocha Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

Every season, John Rocha loves to transport us to his poetic world inspired by the nature that surrounds it. Equipped with a tulle headdress offering a romantic air, girls wear coats and dresses with volume found on the bottom. We find the handmade crochet in mohair, dear to John Rocha, like cobwebs formed directly on the dresses. The colour palette ranges from black to bright tones, thought about by the designer from the work of artist Gary Hume. Dresses bloom like bouquets of flowers made of chiffon and silk georgette, another signature of the designer and outfits in laser-cut leather become even thinner and lighter than lace.

Music from fashion show

John Rocha : This collection is very much based on the nature in the countryside, or the headdress of the white horses. It's the hair and the headdress all mixed together, so a certain wildness of the woman, the same balance of a beautiful creation of 10 textiles, with more colour than I already do because I did use colour for the last couple of seasons, so I just try and do what I do but better.

I love volume because I think that it's about balance, I think that sometime when you have a creation, you like to excite people so I think it's a bit like theatre. Unless you have something unlike what you believe in and it's not part of a show here, and after 8 years it's a long time and she tries to get people excited so that's what I'm trying to do.

I think with fashion now there is no barrier between seasons, or day and night, it's all about the spirit of the person, so what we're doing as a designer, even if you put together my concept and people can reinterpret it themselves.

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