Visit to Uniforms for the Dedicated, collective of Swedish artists (with itw)

Located in the trendy area of Stockholm, Uniforms for the Dedicated's ateliers lead us to the heart of their activities, between fashion, art and music. In addition to developing a masculine line in innovative materials, the label acts as a real laboratory of ideas by continually joining forces with artists, producing their own films, music and even furniture.

Music from the fashion show

Frederik Wikholm : The definition of Uniforms for the Dedicated as a label is on the one hand creative halves, expect products and productions that you will recognize but it will also always bring a sort of an adventure, something new, and when it comes to the product, the clothing in itself, we're trying to make playful quality products for grown-up curious people basically.

We're sort of small and there are so many products out there, that we need to ask is each garment relevant? Is there a point to this garment to exist? If not we should not be doing it because someone else has already done it, so that's why the twisting becomes important.

In terms of the aesthetics and how we put it on the market, we're not classically Swedish, but again I think we're one out of many puzzle pieces in a bigger puzzle of what's to come from Sweden. But I see that around the world, it's not geographically bound.

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